Time flies

It’s been nearly a year since I posted anything in the blog section of this space – hard for me to believe.  I have put up a couple photo albums since then, and I’ve also been playing with other sites like Facebook and MySpace.  Not to mention being a little busy with life as usual …
I just posted photos of Bethany’s SAIL class presentation – "Electric City", the culmination of a months-long project to learn about the architecture of Charleston.  Bethany built a scale model from scratch of the Heyward-Washington House, a historic home on Church Street in Charleston that George Washington stayed at briefly in 1791.  They learned about architecture, took a field trip to the sites (the class also did the Hibernian Hall, French Hugonot Church, Powder Magazine, Rainbow Row and an original pink colonial house near the river,) then designed and built the models to scale.  They also installed electric lighting inside each model!
I also posted pictures from Alex’s first Prom.  The 2007 School of the Arts Prom was held in late April at the SC Aquarium.  Alex was invited by Lynne, a slightly older theater major in his class.  In the process, we’ve actually witnessed Alex taking and making phone calls and having conversations!  "Social Interaction" has been a battle cry all year for Alex, and was actually one of his goals for the year.