Schroeder family trip to L.A.

My brother Mark sent pictures from the family’s recent trek to see my brother Steve in Los Angeles, CA, over the Memorial Day weekend.  Mom & Dad went for the first time (he’s only been there about 10 years!).  I couldn’t make it due to fiscal constraints and concert performances scheduled (since canceled due to another trip), and my brother David also couldn’t come out.  Still, it was a great trip for them.  I’ve attached a few for your perusal.

BTW, the thin connection with Mr. Cruise is that Tom Mapother graduated from my alma mater, Glen Ridge High School, Glen Ridge NJ in my brother Mark’s class of 1980.  My wife worked out in the school weight room with him occasionally.  He may have even played roller hockey on our tennis court at some point.  I doubt he would recognize any of us now, but Steve frequently cites Tom’s story as his inspiration for his acting career.